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In June of 1984, I participated in the first series books convention. Held in La Crosse Wisconsin at the local branch of the University of Wisconsin, the authors Sam and Beryl Epstein, Hal Goodwin and Margaret Sutton attended. I gave the opening presentation--on how to collect series books, including such timely advice as to where to find bookstores in unfamiliar towns using the Yellow Pages from local libraries. But I digress. For this first archival blog, I have chosen to share a recording of the first known recorded interview with Margaret Sutton (pen name of Rachel Beebe (January 22, 1903 - June 21, 2001), who followed me as the second speaker of the day.

I had corresponded with Margaret during the previous four years, even supplying her with books for her collection, but had not met her in person until the night before the convention began. Margaret was 81 at the time but still quite lucid. Though she was recorded several times after the 1984 convention, her memory declined and the quality of the later interviews never matched this first one.

In the spirit of keeping her memory alive–here’s listening to you ‘kid.’

Click to listen - The Margaret Sutton Interview

All Ears in Pasadena

David Farah


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