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Here I am, 25 years after my first foray into the Internet, writing my first blog. I swore I would never do it. Cake recipes from grandma. Photos from last year’s vacation. Other detritus from a life boring to everybody but the writer.

Yes, here I am. My previous website, maintained for a good 10 years, was very basic, and while no one can consider this website to be high-tech, at least it’s a move forward. I’m going to use this blog for several purposes. First, to reconnect with Nancy Drew collectors in a way that I haven’t done since people stopped writing voluminous letters delivered by a postman Monday to Saturday. I used to get so much snail mail in the 1980s and 1990s, that I kept a four drawer legal filing cabinet full of them until they overflowed and I figured the whole thing had become a fire hazard and dumped them. Whatever else you can say for the Internet, at least miscellaneous electrons somewhere in the cloud don’t catch fire.

Besides that, I want to use the space to share some of the items from my archives. “Archives” is probably too grand of a term. In reality, the items will come from overstuffed cabinets, mislabeled boxes, the back of drawers and occasionally, the back of my head. These things were of interest at one time, at least to me, and I hope to many of you. If you have some things that you think would be of interest, by all means send them along. Finally, I will bring up topics that I hope will be of mutual interest, some for your input, and some just to blow off steam.

With the hope of not becoming too rambling on this first foray, I encourage you to check back occasionally to see what has been added to my mysteries and clues.

Succinct in Pasadena

David Farah


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