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Dave Goes to Medical School

“Did you say cauterize, Dr. Cleaver?”

Dave Goes to Medical School

  • Product Description

    DAVE GOES TO MEDICAL SCHOOL is the second installment of THE DAVE SERIES. Returning from his adventures at The University of La Crosse, this volume takes Dave through his next four years at the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit beginning with the interview and ending with his acceptance into residency at the end of the fourth year. Based on Dave’s real experiences, this part biography, part satire is “The funniest book ever written about medical school!”


    No sacred cow is left unmilked. Names are only slightly changed to embarrass the guilty parties.


    Softcover. Collect the whole set of THE DAVE SERIES!

  • Product Details

    Series: The Dave Series

    Genre: Humour

    Format: Soft Cover

    Author: David Farah

    Publisher: Farah's Books

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