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Farah's Guide 12th Printing

Product Details

Author: David Farah

Format: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket

Publisher: Farah's Books; 12th printing (2005)

Farah's Guide 12th Printing

  • Product Description

    First published in 1985, FARAH'S GUIDE is still the only price guide to Nancy Drew books and collectibles. This hardcover Anniversary Edition comes with dust jacket and contains 578 pages listing 2745 printings of Nancy Drew between 1930 and 1979, including separate prices on each book and dust jacket, more than 135 photos of the authors and illustrators, models used for the covers and Nancy Drew collectibles. Included are some of the rarest images associated with the series, such as a photo of the ledger page used by Mildred Benson to record her sale of the first Nancy Drew story, a copy of the contract between Benson and the Syndicate for Volume #5, copies of letters between Harriet Adams and Mildred Benson, and between Walter Karig and Mildred Benson, and reproduces the earliest known published article mentioning the series (from 1931), among other great Drewobilia.


    The Guide includes biographies of Drew writers Mildred Wirt Benson, Walter Karig, Nancy Axelrad, Charles Strong, Margaret Scherf, Alma Sasse, George Waller, illustrators Bill Gillies and Rudy Nappi, and more. The dust jacket art is, well shall we say modestly, a masterpiece!

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