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Resident Dave

Dave studies orthopedic surgery with Dr. Remers!


Resident Dave

  • Product Description

    Do you think that orthopedic surgeons come in three varieties: large, hairy, and large and hairy? Do you like 'tongue-in-cheek' jokes about oral surgery?


    RESIDENT DAVE, the third installment of THE DAVE SERIES is sure to tickle your humerus. Volume #3 of THE DAVE SERIES picks up the saga with the first day of residency and recounts Dave's battles with his arch-rival ‘Chief Resident Doctor Moaning.’ Based on Dave’s real experiences, this part biography, part satire is “The funniest book ever written about medical school residency!”


    Softcover and illustrated. Collect the whole set of THE DAVE SERIES!

  • Product Details

    Series: The Dave Series

    Genre: Humour

    Format: Soft Cover

    Author: David Farah

    Publisher: Farah's Books

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